Ten Cities with the Best Tap Water in America

The bottled water industry does an excellent job of making the average citizen fear his or her tap water. The truth is most bottled water comes from public water sources. In fact, our public water undergoes dozens of tests per quarter for purity from such toxins as trihalomethanes and heterotrophic bacteria. According to the Environmental Working Group, the following ten cities have the “best” tap water in America:

Ten Cities with the Best Tap Water in America

  1. Arlington, TX
  2. Providence, RI
  3.  Fort Worth, TX
  4.  Charleston, SC
  5.  Boston, MA
  6.  Honolulu, HI
  7. Austin, TX
  8. Fairfax County, VA
  9.  St. Louis, MO
  10.  Minneapolis, MN

This means that, according to the EWG’s stringent standards, this water is more than suitable for human consumption. Using a bottleless water cooler, you can filter your tap water directly and have an endless water supply. While you may not live in one of the aforementioned cities, a bottleless water cooler can make your water clean, safe, and absolutely enjoyable.

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